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At Tech City UK our role is to help build a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem where digital businesses can get the support and funding they need and policy makers continue to understand the best conditions for growth. We have seen phenomenal growth in this over the last few years and we all want to maintain this momentum.


Given today’s news that 51.9 per cent of the UK voted to leave the EU, we wanted to share with you all our thoughts on this, and what it means for digital businesses in the coming months.


  • The UK has always been, and will continue to be, a world-class country with world-class resources and assets: including talent, innovation, legal framework and a supportive government. It’s a financial services super-power and global tech hub.
  • There will be a period of EU negotiations over the next two years, but no matter how that develops, we can be sure the UK will remain at the forefront of global innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • And the tech community – with its spirit of problem-solving and value creation – will be at the heart of that.
  • Free movement of talent post-EU Referendum is a major concern to startups and scale ups alike, but the introduction of the Tech Nation Visa Scheme means our doors will remain open to the brightest and best. Also, the Entrepreneurs’ Visa and the Tier 2 general skills route.
  • We are confident that the digital sector will continue to lead UK industry in productivity, growth and job creation.
  • At least we now have clarity over the result. We can look ahead and continue to shape the best conditions for UK tech businesses to thrive in the world.
  • As the eyes and ears of the UK tech community, Tech City UK will continue to support and accelerate the momentum however we can.


Anything we can do at Tech City UK to help and influence the coming weeks and months we will do. In the meantime thank you for the role you all play in helping UK tech companies grow and fuel the economy.

Please do not hesitate to send us any thoughts or concerns you may have via mail at [email protected]. We will capture all your feedback and use this whilst working with Government on its next steps.