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We’re delighted to be supporting Touchpaper as a Founding Member. The not-for-profit is on a mission to make it much easier for startups and corporates to work together. It’s free-to-download toolkit is designed to provide pragmatic, good practice guidance on a range of areas which facilitate startup and corporate relationships – from strategic elements such as engagement and buy-in to the nuts and bolts of legal and procurement procedures.


Available to download now, there is a guide for startups and corporates on each topic. Whatever your perspective, we recommend reading both the startup and corporate guides so you develop a fuller understanding of the needs of your potential partner.

Touchpaper’s Founding Members are Bristows LLP, Capgemini UK, Digital Catapult, Google, Grant Thornton UK LLP, Multiple, Nesta and Tech City UK. The Launch Partners are AWS, Diageo, Oracle, Rise (created by Barclays),Thales and Xero.


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