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Naomi Trickey of Brandwatch and Aron Gelbard of Bloom and Wild discuss the importance of having a unique company culture and how to protect it.

Having a strong company culture has long been a tool used by tech companies to attract the right talent. With competition for developers fierce and salaries high, often an applicant’s decision can come down to things like flexible working, office environment, and what the social calendar looks like.

But with company culture being inherently nuanced, what works for one business and its employees will naturally differ from that of others.

Take Aron Gelbard for example. As co-founder and CEO of Bloom and Wild he believes that having a set of company beliefs written down in a company handbook can encourage employees to live and work by those philosophies.

Naomi Trickey on the other hand, as Chief People Officer at Brandwatch, believes company culture is living, breathing and ever changing, and expressed through the employees in the workplace, and that to have them cast and written down in a manual would be to go against their own company culture.

Hear what they have to say in this Founder to Founder interview – watch the video below or  listen to the podcast.

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