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Today we announce that our flagship Digital Business Academy programme is set to expand with over 12,000 people signed up from across the UK


From later this year, DBA core content provider and startup experts Founder Centric will offer a new online course, focusing on how to track early-stage startup performance.

The existing participants have shown their excitement for the programme since it was launched at the end of 2014. Check it out:

Research on those who have taken Digital Business Academy courses has revealed that more than half want to start their own business, demonstrating the evolving entrepreneurial culture across the UK.

Tech City UK CEO, Gerard Grech, comments: “Campus life and entrepreneurship are not mutually exclusive. Digital Business Academy represents a revolutionary shift in attitude in how we approach learning and accessing the right opportunities in a fast-moving industry. From canvassing digital businesses in Tech City and across the UK, we recognise access to talent is an issue and we are tackling issue the head on”.

Devin Hunt of Founder Centric comments: “Joining forces with Digital Business Academy dovetails perfectly with our core mission and we are delighted to support the programme with brand new course material.”

The Digital Business Academy already offers eight online business courses from UCL, Cambridge Judge Business School and Founder Centric, and over 43 industry partners including Microsoft Ventures, Ogilvy and the BBC. It is a direct pipeline to opportunity with partners offering paid internships, mentorship, specialist content, as well as free startup support such as fast tracking to startup loans and free co-working space.


We are also looking for further content providers, and a range of new partners are in the pipeline following an excellent response to a request for proposals.