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We all know that Britain’s digital economy is growing exponentially. And most of us recognise that this growth is happening all over the country.

The launch of Tech Nation today feels like a landmark in more ways than one. To start with, it’s the first truly comprehensive analysis of the UK’s digital technology clusters.

But to have it all mapped out and analysed —the regions, the tech clusters, the companies and people who make it happen—and presented in a digestible, plain-speaking format. That’s not just informative, it’s also inspiring.

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From gaming startups in Liverpool to cyber security firms in Great Malvern; from hardware heavyweights in Cambridge to software boutiques in Brighton. We’ve drilled through the data, talked to the people on the ground and created an eye-opening journey through digital Britain.

So Tech Nation signals a whole new chapter in the UK’s digital story, and I believe it will speak to investors the world over.

On a more personal note the project feels extra special as it marks exactly my first year at Tech City UK.

In many ways it has felt more like one long, exhilarating day. To be working at the epicentre of the digital tech revolution, watching a wave of innovation roll over the UK, is beyond exciting.

Everyday we talk to the entrepreneurs, developers, designers and pioneers powering this new economy.

We take their needs and concerns straight to the policymakers who shape government. It can be thrilling and frustrating, as well as satisfying and challenging all at the same time.

And the results all help drive the tech engine forward. Today’s report highlights that many working in tech are self-taught. That’s why the Digital Business Academy, signing up hundreds of people each week, is such an important and completely free resource. Digital companies say they need help employing overseas talent – that’s why we pressed for the Exceptional Tech Talent Visa. These Tech Nation findings will attract even more investment across the country, because they actively demonstrate where the opportunities are. We believe that the UK’s growing pool of world leading talent will take the Internet of Things Launch Pad to even greater heights and we are excited to see even more fast growth companies gaining membership to our Future Fifty programme.

It’s all part of what we do at Tech City UK: accelerate the growth of the digital tech sector in the UK.

Before I sign off, I want to take this opportunity to thank dearly our project partners and the 2000+ digital business who responded to the Tech Nation survey. These include DueDil, who has been instrumental in crunching the numbers and building the amazing interactive map; MTM who oversaw the survey results and analysis; Career Builder and Adzuna who provided the employment data and analysis; and AngelList, CrunchBase and F6s, who all provided startup data to DueDil to analyse. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to Seven Hills for helping to design and edit the great looking Tech Nation report.

Tech City has become one of the UK’s greatest success stories. Now it’s time for Tech Nation.

Warm wishes from a train to the Leeds cluster.


CEO, Tech City UK

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