Why are we running a fintech competition?

The Fintech For All competition was announced in the Government’s digital strategy:

“In order to support digital innovation that helps people better manage their money, we will launch a competition to encourage the development of digital approaches to support financial inclusion. This will be run by Tech City UK, as part of its wider role on fintech, with external support from both charitable and financial service providers”

We are running this challenge to showcase how fintech companies in the UK are changing the way customers interact with financial services. We believe their innovation may have exciting applications to issues such as financial inclusion, financial capability and wellbeing.


What is Tech City UK and what do we do?

Our mission is to accelerate the growth of the UK’s digital tech sector and build a pipeline of high-growth businesses by supporting talent, publishing insightful research, and championing the sector nationally and internationally.

In 2017, to support efforts to ensure the UK remains the global leader in fintech, we launched a dedicated fintech programme with a three-pronged focus:

The Fintech Delivery Panel

Driving high impact industry initiatives to enable competition, encourage innovation and generate growth across technology-enabled financial services (Read more)

Specialist fintech/insurtech programme

To help scaling businesses grow and become world leaders (launching soon)

Fintech For All Competition

To showcase how fintech innovation can change the world for the better, including financial inclusion, capability and wellbeing