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Following the recent launch of Tech Nation, we will be running a series of profile pieces on each of the digital clusters featured in the report.

Brighton & Hove has grown into one of the UK’s most successful digital technology clusters. The region has one of the highest concentrations of digital companies of any analysed and there is a strong sense of community with 84% of companies stating they feel part of a cluster.

This close-knit community ethos has fostered by a range of tech conferences and events in the area in recent times – Develop:Brighton, d-Construct and the Brighton Digital Festival, to name just a few.


With a number of great co-working spaces like The Skiff (the largest co-working space south of London), support networks such as Wired Sussex and the Brighton Farm, it is no wonder there was a 91% increase in new digital companies incorporated in Brighton & Hove between 2010-13.

Brighton’s startup scene is home to some great examples of tech companies, such as Clearleft (UX consultancy), Spannerworks (acquired by iCrossing) and Brandwatch (analytics firm), who recently took over London-based PeerIndex for £10 million.


Anna Lewis, CEO of Valobox, a pay as you go book reading service, comments, “As a digital company you can be based anywhere. Brighton is easy to get into London from, but you can also live and work centrally, and there’s a great network of companies to connect with.”

Three local companies were profiled in the report:

To find out more information about Brighton’s digital cluster, download the Tech Nation reportview it online or visit our core project partner DueDil’s Online Interactive Guide on the area.