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Digital Ecosystem Builders

At Tech City UK we have supported the unparalleled growth of the UK tech and digital-ecosystem for nearly a decade now. Today London is the uncontested No 1 city for tech entrepreneurship in Europe, globally only rivalled by the Silicon Valley and New York. Many more vibrant clusters have sprung up all across the country.

Tech City UK initially earned its reputation as a successful cheerleader for the digital tech entrepreneur. Since the organisation has evolved into one of the most renown ecosystem initiatives globally, driving the success of digital entrepreneurs and the overall digital ecosystem by improving the supply of (and removing barriers to) skills, talent, investment, and infrastructure and by connecting stakeholders in the UK and abroad.

With Tech City Consulting we share our expertise with cities and clusters abroad to help spark and accelerate their development. We also seek to build lasting network connectivity, all across the world. We work with key stakeholders, both public and private, to build out existing initiatives, address specific gaps and to help overcome barriers to success.

From sparking ideas and catalyzing discussion, to building entire ecosystems, we convene leaders in government, academia, private enterprise and the tech community to drive entrepreneurial culture, develop digital talent, support founders throughout the life cycle of their businesses and to build profile for the tech sector, at home and abroad.



Inspiration: Creating Buy-in, Addressing Barriers

1. We help spark local initiatives. Typically, we seek to outline what is possible,
to showcase best practice examples and to create enthusiasm and buy-in.
2. With a few keynotes and facilitated roundtable discussions we seek to inspire
your key stakeholders
3. We cover relevant themes ranging from the economic and social impact of
entire Tech ecosystems to specific and highly focused topics such as tax
policy, regulation, digital skills, entrepreneurship culture, technology and
investment trends.
4. Work with us to align and motive local stakeholders or use our neutral
outside perspective to trigger debate on barriers in your tech ecosystem that
seem difficult to overcome.



Bespoke Research

    1. We provide bespoke research. Using data, analytics and connections within the tech community, we are able to create reports and host events that mark us as thought leaders in the digital innovation ecosystem space.
    2. Our insights team will provide you with a unique and independent perspective on the issues your ecosystem may be grappling with or where it seeks to understand future development and opportunity.
    3. Work with us in a discovery phase or when you need to substantiate discussion with hard and data driven evidence, i.e in support of a policy or budget bid process.


Specific Interventions

    1. We seek to catalyse discussion and initiative for specific areas where local ecosystems and their leaders have identified significant gaps.
    2. Typically, these are issues where our experience in community networks, in delivering business life cycle programmes and in developing digital skills creates immediate value.
    3. In the space of policy and regulation frequently we seek to help unlock difficult internal debate and controversy.
    4. Our short-term interventions include a brief period or research and consultancy as well as a short implementation phase.


Specific Interventions

Programme build

    1. We assist local ecosystem leaders and their teams in planning and implementing complex initiatives where outside knowledge and experience can make all the difference.
    2. These can be community initiatives and P2P networks, life cycle programmes and open innovation initiatives that combine established corporations, public sector agencies and tech start-ups in an effective and mutually beneficial approach.
    3. Work with us to implement ecosystem initiatives that are critical for your progress in a compressed time frame.


Programme Build

Programme licensing

    1. Frequently existing gaps in an ecosystem can easily be identified, i.e. with a lack in digital skills training, gaps in the support of distinct start-up life cycle phases or a lack of awareness and reputation with international investors.
    2. We leverage our programme methodologies, plans and assets and we guide and support local teams all throughout the implementation process.
    3. Our programme licensing includes the use of our brands, signalling world class standards to the tech and investor communities, right from day one.
    4. Importantly we connect programme managers and participants with our peer communities, helping to further connect your communities with our Tech City UK network. 


TCUK Programme Licensing


Ecosystem Design – End2End

    1. We help plan, organize and deliver entire ecosystem initiatives - end2end – for cities, clusters, countries or even a pan regional level.
    2. For emerging ecosystems, we accelerate the development process by connecting and combining already existing assets and by backfilling relevant gaps.
    3. For locations that thus far do not have significant tech ecosystem elements we work all the way from assessing the opportunities, building stakeholder buy-in and designing and implementing a broad range of support programmes and measures.
    4. During our work, we draw upon our unique framework, consulting methodology and benchmarking data.  
    5. We integrate with local teams and implementation partners and we seek to enable an effective knowledge transfer with your local ecosystem support initiative.


Why a thriving tech ecosystem matters

The landscape of innovation is fundamentally changing, putting pioneering entrepreneurs and their start-up businesses right at the centre of open innovation processes.

Any successful economy in the age of the digital transformation today is aspiring to hosting a thriving tech ecosystem, to create new digital jobs as well as to keep their existing industries relevant.

Working with our clients on ecosystem development projects we address the key factors and drivers that make for a successful and sustainable ecosystem.

The results are most impressive in respect to gains in competitiveness, economic growth and the creation of attractive employment. Visit our Tech Nation Report 2017 to see what can be achieved.


Who we work with

We seek to convene a broad range of stakeholders all across the ecosystem. This includes involving government and public-sector agencies, regulators, academic and research institutions, private corporations and the tech community.

We frequently work with ecosystem initiatives and their stakeholders all over the world. And once our initial project work is complete, we seek to build lasting relationships and foster the exchange of ideas, people and businesses amongst our ecosystems.

Government & Regulators

Successful ecosystems typically show a strong government and policy involvement. 

We help government leaders to understand tech ecosystem dynamics, we review and benchmark existing policy and we provide recommendations for improving local policy and regulatory frameworks. Our KPI based reporting helps validating the impact of government initiatives and public sector investment.

Tech Communities

We seek to inspire community building and Peer2Peer learning and exchange. At home and with peers in other clusters and geographies abroad.

And with our life cycle programmes we support tech businesses in their most critical phases, from initial concept to international scaling and exit.

See examples of our work for the UK tech community here.


Academic and Research Institutions

We understand the critical role academic institutions can and should play in the development of tech ecosystems.
We advise on the inclusion of entrepreneurship curricular, we facilitate organisational and cultural change to encourage entrepreneurship and an effective approach to commercialisation and we seek to inspire the set up of technology transfer units and spin-off programmes.

Corporations and SMEs

We believe in the merit of copetition and collaboration with corporates benefiting from access to new ideas and start-ups leveraging the technical skill and geographic reach of established organisations.

Building great relationship between established and pioneering new businesses though is not easy. Which is why we advise on critical issues such as culture, organisation and legal frameworks to ensure effective collaboration.

Support Organisations

We advice on those areas where Support Organisations can create most value:

– Advocacy: Providing a voice for tech communities in their relationship with government and big industry
– Life Cycle Programmes: Addressing market failures and organising support programmes and resource
– Profile: Beating the drum for the attractiveness of the ecosystem, at home and abroad.


We seek to assemble the most effective combination of local implementation partners that are deeply embedded in the local economy and society as well as international aid and development agencies.


Our KPI and benchmark driven approach is supported by Startup Genome enabling us to to compare and benchmark with similar hubs globally. 

Working with us

We love to exchange ideas and to build new relationships. And if we can support you in your ecosystem development we would like to hear about it. Please contact us to arrange for a more detailed discussion. 

The Team

Stephan Kuester,
International Consulting