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Following this morning’s breakfast event at Digital Catapult, Tech City UK reveals that it has now received 257 applications for the Tech Nation Visa Scheme with 181 (76%) endorsements.   –       257 applications received since April 2014 –       181 (76%) applicants gained endorsement from Tech City UK (20 currently pending) –       1/3 applications received … Read More

We’re delighted today to publish joint research with Stripe identifying a new ‘Startup Stack’, a suite of cloud-based tools powering the UK’s startup economy. Tools like GitHub, Zendesk, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Stripe, AWS, Slack and Xero were among the most popular, with the majority of respondents estimating that UK startups are using between 6-15 tools to … Read More

As first post-Brexit survey of the tech sector reveals concerns over recruitment, skills and investment, Tech City UK CEO Gerard Grech and others explain why UK entrepreneurs are still well-placed to succeed   METHODOLOGY: With the support of 31 UK tech ecosystem partners (see below), Tech City UK surveyed 1,205 people working in tech between … Read More

We’ve partnered with software platform Stripe to help uncover the new startup stack — the most commonly used tools by startups — and how this is changing the way we build internet businesses today.   Rather than buying warehouses of servers, writing every inch of code line by line, employing an entire team to process … Read More

Seven out of ten tech business founders and investors intend to vote Remain in June’s referendum. Some of the UK’s fastest growing tech companies explain why they back the Remain campaign With the EU Referendum vote just under two months away, we’ve been collecting the opinions of tech businesses and investors from around the UK. Seven … Read More